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Christopher Blair

NASA Media Specialist

Christopher Blair
United States (Alabama)
Professional Status
  • Supporting the International Space Station and its Program Science Office, I support events and develop media products for distribution to a diverse, global audience, as well as for internal and external stakeholders, news outlets and the public.

    Currently, I develop internal and external communication products for a diverse, global audience of government offices, stakeholders, academia, news outlets and the public. My work highlights NASA's International Space Station, the Space Launch System, and all activities related to the Marshall Space Flight Center; NASA's New Frontiers and Discovery Programs; and more.

    To improve awareness of Marshall and agency priorities, I help schedule and support high-profile activities and events, including congressional and stakeholder visits, media interviews and press conferences. I also provide content for employee communication platforms in the Marshall Star newsletter, as well as serve in a back-up role for center-wide emails and emergency notifications.

    TRADITIONAL MEDIA: I translate technical and complex scientific information into appropriate, audience-specific products. This includes drafting and distributing news releases, media advisories, web features, digital presentations, informational material and more. I support media interviews and press conferences with subject matter experts and have helped develop signage and talking points for public tours of government facilities.

    VIDEO/PHOTOGRAPHY: I produce videos and host live broadcasts. This includes drafting storyboards, shot sheets and talking-points, coordinating interviews, recording footage and editing videos with non-linear software programs. I also provide updates and arrange distribution for broadcast on NASA TV. I photograph high-profile events, selecting quality images and writing cutlines for media products.

    SOCIAL MEDIA: As part of our award-winning social media team, I use multiple software programs to manage government accounts on various platforms. Maintaining a global audience in the millions, I create innovative campaign strategies with compelling, tailored-made content. I use asset management software to schedule and track output while preparing metric reports to analyze and apply the best practices of leading industry standards. In addition to original digital content creation, I coordinate online and in-person social events to increase fan engagement.

    METRICS: I provide the government and its contractors with in-depth, analytical reports detailing overall product development and distribution, as well as tracking the effectiveness of communication tactics. I research and recommend strategies to improve the effectiveness of communication products, outreach events, social media content and layout of our tracking systems, all to ensure alignment with agency goals and improve internal and external communications. I use sophisticated software programs to populate a database by monitoring, tracking and reporting global media coverage and office quantity output.

    WEB EDITOR: As a trained government web editor, I post content to agency sites using various content management systems, including Drupal. I have also reviewed and provided updates and suggestions on existing page layouts, imagery and content. In the past, I have helped design new websites at the Johnson and Kennedy Space Center.

    STAKEHOLDERS: I am a skilled liaison, having fostered and sustained positive working relationships with representatives of government offices, public organizations, industry partners, news media and educational institutions. I've built an extensive list of colleagues and contacts to maintain a favorable public perception of our agency's accomplishments and projects.

    EDUCATION/OUTREACH: I develop short and long-term plans that promote and support education and outreach events for Marshall's Academic Affairs Office. I create communication plans and coordinate traditional and social media coverage by developing promotional materials, media products, talking points and appropriate messaging.

    INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY: I have completed years of certification in government IT security, records training and management, web publishing, desktop publishing and graphics software systems.

    • NASA Marshall Employee of the Month
    • NASA Group Achievement Award: Social Media
    • NASA Group Achievement Award: Education Outreach
    • NASA Group Achievement Award: International Space Station Communications
    • NASA Certificate of Appreciation: New Horizons Mission to Pluto

    Please feel free to view samples at
    My references will gladly confirm my abilities and I look forward to discussing them at your earliest convenience.
  • Using our NASA Educational Implementation Plan, our Educational Strategic Framework and goals from the Committee on STEM (CoSTEM), I helped develop, implement and analyze activities across all lines of business for NASA Education, including:
    • National Space Grant Foundation
    • Steckler Space Grant
    • Minority University Research & Education Programs
    • CP4SMP+ Grants
    • University Research Centers
    • Internships
    • Reduced Gravity Educational Programs
    • Spaceflight Explorers
    • NASA High School Aerospace Scholars
    • NASA Community College Aerospace Scholars
    • Pre-Service Teacher’s Institute

    Using the OSSI site, I compared applicant skill sets against internship criteria. I scheduled and conducted interviews and made recommendations to Diego Rodriguez, project coordinator.

    • Served as a STEM contact to an HBCU for internship selection.
    • Provided web-based career and resume counseling to five Minority Serving Institutions.

    Produced and hosted a live webcast for a space station microgravity experiment, launched on SpaceX 3.

    I reviewed proposals, yearly progress reports, evaluation processes & recommended funding awards.

    Helped manage a multi-state project for 30 science centers across a 10-state region. This included recruiting, creating educator guides, teaching workshops, promotions, purchasing and reporting. I developed communication plans to support nationwide events. I presented at hundreds of teacher workshops, careers fairs, teacher workshops, web-based seminars and events for museums, science centers, Boy & Girl Scouts, libraries and more.

    Initiated and secured funding for a student design project, making replica astronaut sleeping restraints for outreach events.

    I help coordinated and teach dozens of professional development workshops across the nation for in-service and pre-service teachers, as well as students in all grades. I also taught Online EPD using NASA’s Digital Learning Network, VIDYO and Adobe Connect. Topics included:
    • Lunar certification
    • Lunar geology
    • Rocketry
    • Spectroscopy
    • Electromagnetic spectrum
    • Solar physics
    • Reasons for the Seasons
    • Solar system topics
    • Newton's laws
    • Astronomy
    • NASA history
    • Living in Space

    • NASA solicitation and proposal review
    • Strategic communications for outreach and education
    • Website design, development and maintenance
    • STEM product development (handbooks, lesson plans, activities, etc.)
    • National, state and local event coordination and staffing
    • Financial management (purchasing, phasing plans, shipping, etc.)
    • Social media content development
    • Product development (brochures, pamphlets, flyers, bookmarks, tent cards, etc.)

    I generated metric reports to evaluate and analyze the results of events; teacher workshops and communication products to best approve alignment with performance goals or recommend changes to leadership. I developed and collected surveys, feedback forms, and conducted stakeholder interviews for written and chart-based reports.

    I produced and hosted live webcasts for student science missions to the International Space Station, as part of the NASA’s University Research Center, as well as with NASA’s Digital Learning Network and SpaceFlight Explorers. I supported interviews with Dr. Ellen Ochoa and other subject matter experts for educational outreach videos and projects and helped produce STEM outreach videos for NASA’s High School Aerospace Scholars.

    As a NASA web editor, I helped develop and update several government websites, as well as wrote and posted STEM-themed educational content to the NASA portal.

    I maintain access to several NASA-related software, programs and websites and have completed years of certification in government IT security, records training and management, web publishing, word processing, desktop publishing and graphics software systems. This includes: One Stop Shopping Initiative
    • Office of Education Performance Measure • SharePoint • Salesforce • Satern • IDMax • Sprinklr • Vidyo

    I wrote and posted STEM-themed web features to the NASA portal, translating technical and complex scientific information into educator guides and lesson plans. I also developed and posted content to the JSC Education social media pages.

    I fostered and sustained working relationships with a national network of diverse formal and informal education providers, colleges and universities, public, private and home school systems, government offices, public and private organizations and industry partners. This includes developing relationships with HBCU’s, TCUP’s, HSI’s, and other MSI’s.
  • Using my knowledge of best practices in NASA’s Educational Strategic Framework, our annual performance goals for Program Performance Measures, STEM-based pedagogy and teaching strategies, I developed and taught hundreds of programs for stakeholders, government offices, formal and informal education providers, national and state organizations, colleges, universities, schools and Minority-Serving Institutions.

    Planned and taught workshops for:
    • MUST - Motivating Undergraduates in Science and Technology Project
    • SEMAA - Science, Engineering, Mathematics and Aerospace Academy
    • Fostered relationships with HBCU's, HSI's & TCU's.

    Using congressionally allocated funds, I helped draft and review logic models for the development of exhibits and activities at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex and the U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame. This included project abstracts, funding narratives and solicitations, requests for proposals, sole source agreements and space act agreements. Once awarded, I helped in the development, implementation, fund management and project planning for:
    • Science on a Sphere exhibit
    • RoboThespian exhibit
    • Brevard Space Week
    • NASA Space Camp
    • Overnight Adventures
    • BLAST - Brevard Learns About Science & Technology
    • Challenger Learning Centers Support

    CP4SMP - Competitive Program for Science Museums & Planetariums Team
    • Assisted managing a multi-year, cross-curricular, standards-based competitive design challenge called WLMR (Waste Limitation Management and Recycling Challenge). This includes all aspects of initial proposal, fund solicitation, developing educator guides, promotion materials, tracking finances, transportation logistics, developing judging criteria, video support and more.

    • Assisted in the development and review of NASA's Rockets Educator Guide, incorporating cooperative learning, problem solving, critical thinking and hands-on activities aligned with national and state standards of education.

    Developed STEM events and opportunities to underserved and underrepresented students, using strategic planning, task delegation and fund management. Locations included:
    • U.S. Virgin Islands (St. Thomas & St. Croix schools, U.S.V.I University, Boy Scouts and Boys & Girls Club)
    • National After School Conference
    • Florida Council of Teachers of Mathematics Conference
    • Tampa and St. Petersburg, Florida science centers
    • Florida After School Conference
    • Miami Science Center tour
    • Central Florida Boy Scout anniversary
    • Joliet, Illinois Library event
    • Merritt Island Library event
    • Palm Bay Library event
    • Orlando Science Center Astronomy Day
    • Panama City Science Week

    Served as an education consultant for the National Monument Landmark Placement of the Atlantis space shuttle orbiter, including providing detailed suggestions regarding facility layout, target audience involvement and outreach potential.

    I helped develop, review and distribute STEM lesson plans, activities, posters, materials, informational and brochures including:
    • NASA’s Rocket Educator Guide
    • WLMR Educator Guide
    • You've Been Sentenced game
    • Launch Services Program Educational Guides
    • Multiple STEM-Based lesson plans

    Produced and hosted multiple video projects and live webcasts for NASA missions. I generated story concepts, wrote scripts, presented storyboards, selected and scheduled guests, prepared shot sheets, talking points, coordinated facility access, secured proper badges, developed graphics and completed metric reports.

    Developed and taught hundreds of STEM-themed workshops for In-Service and Pre-Service teachers, teaching complex technical and scientific content, agency history, current missions and opportunities. I designed formative and summative assessments, assessed goals and evaluated success. Workshops included:
    • U.S. Space & Rocket Center event
    • NASA's Aerospace Education Services Project
    • NASA Regional Educator Resource Centers
    • Folklife Festival
    • Space Weeks for Brevard, Volusia & Orange Counties.

    Developed and maintained a multipage NASA website by creating, editing and uploading content, as well as writing feature articles, press releases, photography and email blasts.

    Updated our Office of Education Performance Measures with post-event analysis using written and chart-based reports. I analyzed and interpreted data and evaluated the effectiveness of agency communication plans used during events. This includes developing and collecting survey reports, monitoring media responses, and advising management of strategies for improvement.
Detailed Description
  • • Coordinated and implemented multiple events and projects through detailed planning, logistics, scheduling, multimedia support, public speaking and project reporting.

    • Developed and maintained a NASA website by creating, editing and uploading content, as well as writing feature articles and creating press releases.

    • Coordinated the production of, or host, video projects and webcasts for NASA missions and promotional / educational videos. (Script development, storyboarding, scheduling, etc.)

    • Presented at hundreds of high profile events and national conferences on behalf of the agency, including international travel to Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

    • Allocated congressional funds earmarked for the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, I supported development, implementation and fund management for numerous exhibits and events including: Science on a Sphere • RoboThespian • Brevard Space Week • Space Camp • Overnight Adventures • BLAST, etc.

    • Coordinated and conducted several events associated with government, corporate and private entities including The Department of State, Walt Disney World, Busch Gardens, General Electric, Google, Little League World Series, Girl Scouts of the USA and countless universities, schools, science centers and museums.

    • Developed and coordinated outreach media projects including photo ops with NASA Administrator Charlie Bolden, webcasts with Space Shuttle Astronauts Bob Springer, John Young, Bob Cabana and live downlinks with the International Space Station Crew.

    • Supported United States Congressional events involving high profile VIPs such as U.S. Representatives Gabrielle Giffords, Former Rep. Alan Grayson, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush and current Florida Governor Charlie Crist.

    • Coordinated and conducted official VIP visits and tours that required logistics, transportation, and facility access and security clearance.

    • Maximized allocated office funds via material purchases, transportation, shipping and venue agreements.

    • Drafted and reviewed project abstracts, requests for proposals, sole source agreements, etc.

    • Assisted with the development of promotional materials including educational posters, brochures, etc.

    • Assisted with the management and implementation of a 2-year NASA educational competition including initial design, marketing, transportation, reporting, judging, etc.

    • Developed, reviewed and distributed posters, materials, informational brochures, etc. (NASA Rocket Educator Guide, WLMR Educator Guide, You’ve Been Sentenced game, etc)
  • I helped develop and coordinate NASA and STEM-themed outreach and education events at NASA workshops, national and state conferences, formal and informal education providers, and minority-serving institutions.

    Developed and taught hundreds of professional development workshops to thousands of in-service and pre-service educators. The goals were to improve their knowledge of NASA historical and educational activities and research opportunities, as well as share the latest trends in educational pedagogy, hands-on activities and both project-based and experiential learning strategies. Workshops included:
    • U.S. Department of State
    • National Science Teacher’s Association
    • National After School Conferences
    • Space Educators Exploration Conferences
    • Walt Disney World International Webcasts
    • USA Engineering Festival
    • National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
    • Florida Association of Science Teachers

    Fostered and sustained relationships with NASA offices, science centers, museums and several HBCU's, TCUP's, HSI's and other Minority Serving Institutions.

    Supported several high-profile events involving NASA astronauts, U.S. and State congressional representation and state governors (Jeb Bush and Charlie Crist.)

    Coordinated the production of, or hosted, numerous video projects and live webcasts for high-profile NASA missions and promotional/educational videos.

    Coordinated and conducted hundreds of NASA facility tours into government-restricted facilities, which involved logistics, transportation, facilities access and security clearance.

    I am a subject matter expert in teaching:
    • Lunar certification
    • Lunar geology
    • Rocketry
    • Spectroscopy
    • Electromagnetic spectrum
    • Solar physics
    • Reasons for the Seasons
    • Solar system topics
    • Newton's laws
    • Astronomy
    • NASA History
  • Reported sports and events through photography and videography. Working with the Sports Department, Visual Editor and Events Department, I provided both still and video photography for print and web media. My responsibilities included writing, shooting, editing and narrating content.

    This required expertise with a wide range of hardware and software programs including: Non-linear editing systems, ENG professional news cameras, multimedia file conversion and FTP site operation.
  • Reported on local sports and events by writing a sports column while using still photography and digital video to engage the audience. I researched events and interviewed key players, coaches and individuals in order to highlight the story. I shot, edited and narrated the media, then uploaded it to our website and social media pages.

    This required expertise with a wide range of hardware and software programs including: Non-linear editing systems, ENG professional news cameras, multimedia file conversion and FTP site operation.
  • My responsibilities included researching, developing, writing and shooting news stories with on-air talent for 15 live, weekly broadcasts.
    I was responsible for several aspects of video production and broadcasting including: Shooting, Editing, Audio Sound Board and studio production. I prepped the broadcast studio and sets for multimedia production including multiple cameras, audio and microphone equipment, lighting, staging backdrops, green screens, etc.

    I downloaded and edited national B-roll stories from the AP for the daily broadcast. I worked with our microwave truck for live remotes and controlled the audio board and studio cameras for 15 live broadcasts a week. I accepted a multimedia job with NASA and moved out of town.

    I have experience working with several forms of digital audio and video recording equipment and computer software programs such as Final Cut Pro, Adobe Photoshop and Premiere, NewsEdit, Pinnacle Video Software, Sony Music Studio, Finale Music Software and many more.
  • As a member of the NASA Explorer School Team, I helped develop, coordinate and implement several NASA educational activities, projects and events.

    I wrote/co-wrote class curriculum, schools strategic plans, implementation plans and helped develop an Aeronautic and Space Curriculum for a Pre-K through 5th grade elementary school.

    I aligned national and state standards of education with NASA priorities in our lesson plans for after-school activities including:
    *Microgravity research.
    *2006 NASA Explorer School Student Symposium
    *NASA after-school projects. (Lunar Challenge, ISS Nights, Family Science Nights, etc.)
    *Space camp at Marshall Center.
    *Family Science Nights.
    *Lego Robotics program.
    *Digital Learning Network events.
    *Astronaut visits to our school.
    *Completed NASA internet short courses.
    *Created science outreach weekends.

    Presented and attended educational conferences including:
    *National Model Schools Conference
    *National Education Computing Conference.
    *National Science Teachers Association Conference
    *Tanner Consulting Workshop
    *Florida Music Educators Association Conference
    *NASA Sustainability Conference
    *NASA Reduced Gravity and Hyperbaric Training
    *NASA Student Symposiums
    *Bay Education Association Conference

    I conducted several years of district-sponsored workshops on both writing and technology at our annual district Student Writing Workshop. I wrote and received grants to provide STEM opportunities and improve reading skills and attended grant-writing workshops.

    I taught Audio/Video instruction and digital technology to students, supervising daily morning newscasts in our TV studio.

    I also hosted a TV show called "Eye in the Classroom" interviewing teachers in the school system.

    I taught students computer technology skills to create video reports to air once a week, basic filming techniques, non-linear editing and developing scripts. Students also developed multimedia projects such as “Books on CD” and “Books on DVD” and more.
  • I was the department chair of the music department for East Carter Middle and East Carter High Schools.

    My responsibility included the complete supervision, instruction, financial accountability and educational coordination of 4 separate band programs for grades 6 - 12.

    I was responsible for the developing, maintaining and organizing a yearly budget of $100,000 dollars a year to conduct professional business for the two schools involved.

    I coordinated educational trips, events and concerts throughout the state and country. The logistics included planning, transportation, lodging and detailed expenditures for over 120 members of the programs involved.